The verse for the day…

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous run into it, and are safe.” -Proverbs 18:10

Some people see the word, ‘righteous’, and think that means you are without sin, which, to a point you are…your Spirit man is without sin if you KNOW Jesus as your person Lord and Savior because you have been washed in the Blood of the Lamb.  However, your flesh still sins from time to time.

But Jesus said that if we call on the name of the Lord, He is our strong tower and we are safe when and if we run to Him!

Here’s a little poem that explains it very well.  Take a look…

Though there are dangers untold and stern 

Confronting me in the way,

Willingly still would I go, nor turn,

But trust Thee for grace each day.”

Do you need a safe place to be?  Then run to the Lord for He IS a strong tower of refuge and safety!



Here’s a comforting thought for today.

It’s actually more than a thought…it is TRUTH that never changes nor fails.  Take a look….

The steadfast love of the Lord NEVER ceases; His mercies NEVER come to an end! -Lamentations 3:22

Take comfort in that promise and go in peace today KNOWING that the Lord God Almighty is always loving and merciful!



I went to our Wednesday night Bible study day before yesterday.  it is entitled, “Are We Led By The Spirit?”  I was really enjoying it,  learning a lot; in fact, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  But then it happened.  The pastor read a verse in Galatians 5:20 that talks about “Outbursts of anger…”

I struggle with that!  I went through two marriages where the men in my life kept their thumb firmly on me and their hand over my mouth, so I could not express myself.  After leaving that part of my life, I found my voice and tend to use it to excess now.  It is often accompanied by anger.

So, naturally when the pastor began to expound on that particular verse, I became very uncomfortable!  Gone were my feelings of success, and being a good Christian. I found myself so convicted, that  I even scribbled a short note to my dear husband who was sitting next to me.  It read, “He’s plowin’ in my field now!”

We’ve all been there.  None of us are perfect, but we need to strive to die to self, and let Jesus take control of our sinful nature!

It’s hard to die!  We have an instinctual mechanism built into us that screams for survival.  Self preservation is our number one concern.  But, the only way to live a Spirit filled life is to die to self and let Jesus reign.

Next time someone starts plowin’ in your field…don’t get mad.  Don’t run.  EXAMINE YOURSELF and check to see if your flesh is still breathing in that area.  If it is, put it to death…die to yourself and let Jesus take over and live through you!




When folks hear the word, ‘Tithe’, they usually turn the volume down.  Why is that?  Because no one wants to give their hard-earned money away…not to anyone, especially to God!

The thing that most Christians fail to realize is that God DOES  NOT, I repeat…DOES NOT NEED your money!  He just wants your obedience.  He wants us to depend upon Him for our needs.

Tithe is not only money.  It is your time.  Since Jesus does not visibly walk this earth any longer, we are to be His hands and feet…His heart.  In order to be these things, we must be willing to give our time to volunteer, clean the church, mow the church lawn, work in the food bank, do Vacation Bible School, teach a class, sing in the choir, etc.

He wants our talents.  After all, He gave us our abilities!  Your beautiful voice came from Him.  It was a gift bestowed upon you to be used for Him.  Your ability to play an instrument came from Him.  Your gift of kindness, and willingness to help others came from Him.  Your aptitude with the use of words came from Him…write a book, or blog for His glory!  Your gift of speech was given to you by God Almighty…use it to stand up and proclaim the Gospel of Christ!

Your treasures belong to Him as well!  You may argue and say, “I worked for everything I own.”  And, you may well have, however, God gave you the strength, and the mind to hold down that good paying job.  Thank Him for His generosity by giving back to Him.

When we tithe, we show our gratitude to God for richly blessing us with so much!  Don’t be stingy!  Give!  Give of your time, your talents, and your treasures and you will be blessed!  You’ll see.  You will be glad you did!

I leave you with this verse:

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” -Malachi 3:10


It’s Nothing Personal

I read this on one of my favorite blog sites called, Hard Times Ministries. Instead of taking offense…we need to read the following with our heart and mind wide open and let God speak as we read, for THIS IS TRUTH!! -anita

Hard Times Ministries

They call it a science if you will or at least a protective constitutional right.  Previously we referred to it as Eugenics or selective breeding.  Today we call it the euphemistic name of Planned Parenthood. It’s no big deal, we are told as we are only ridding the world of a fetus.  It’s nothing personal.

Think about that word for a moment if you will. The person thing if you will.  And while this person may not yet live outside of the womb, indeed a person is there.

How can you take a small thing such as death and say it isn’t personal.  Hell, yes, it’s personal as a person is in evolved and the entire notion of the act of abortion is for eradication or death of the person.

Of course, they say a ‘person’ is not there yet.  That’s not what they say or the law says is…

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HINDSIGHT IS ALWAYS 20-20! ….July 22, 2015

The blog below contains things we all need to consider and think about! Be on your guard…don’t allow the devil to ruin your day! -anita

The Gathering Journal

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  Proverbs 4:23 NIV

It’s funny how tasting a small bit of juicy, delicious strawberry, blueberry and cherry mix with whipped cream topping can put some perspective on life, but God works in mysterious ways…

The enemy made a short visit to my home this morning.  For a quick moment, I invited him in.  I allowed him to make himself at home.  I sort of even welcomed him.  It was like he was a welcome distraction for but a brief moment, from the hum drum daily activity of waking up, pressing myself to get ready for a part of my life I’ve grown to despise doing, which is going to a job that is unfulfilling, and does not motivate me to do my best, or fulfill my longing desire to be constructive for the Kingdom.  But that’s another story…the paycheck…oh…

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While driving down the highway the other day, I saw a billboard.  It was different from most billboards you see, for it was not an advertisement, but rather a warning accompanied by a solution.  It simply read:

“Fear is contagious!  ….  So is Hope!”

That little phrase really caused me to think.

Jesus, in Matthew 8:26, asked the question: “Why are you afraid?”  He posed this question to His followers, His disciples.  You remember the story…they were out on a boat when a violent storm began to rage.  Jesus was sleeping as they were trying to survive.

The same storms of life have happened down through the ages, and will continue to occur until we go home to be with Jesus.  We must realize that just because we follow Christ, we are not exempt from suffering through the storms of life.  Max Lucado puts it this way….  “It’s not the absence of storms that sets us apart.  It’s Whom we discover in the storm: an unstirred Christ!”  Look at verse 24 in the same chapter mentioned above…”Jesus was sleeping.”

Can you see the picture in your mind?  While the disciples were screaming…Jesus was dreaming.  While the thunder loudly roared…Jesus peacefully snored. (paraphrased from Max Lucado)

Jesus KNEW that a storm was coming long before it ever appeared, but He decided to sleep.  Did that mean that He didn’t care about His disciples?  They thought so, for in Mark 4:38, they questioned, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”  Let’s take that a little closer to home….  Have YOU ever asked God where He was in your dark, inky situation?  Have you ever made the statement, “God doesn’t care about me!” ??  I know I have, many times.

When we raise doubts about God’s character, we are listening to the voice of fear!  Instead of TRUSTING IN the strength, knowledge, and know-how of God and His sovereignty and power, we question His character

It’s time to stop listening to fear and put your hope in JESUS!




Below is an informative, short study on the Sheepfold.  Thanks Lee, for once again educating us and giving us insight to this passage! -anita



I’ve been reading in John 10 about Jesus, our great Shepherd, and how He protects His sheep (that would be us!). In particular, reading the passages that describe how the shepherd conducts himself [John 10:1-16] vis-a-vis the sheep. In a commentary, I read a clarifying explanation of this passage that helped me better appreciate the story Jesus told of the sheepfold.


Verses 2 through 5 of this passage has always confused me a bit. Why does he have to call his sheep by their own name [verse 3]…are there other, unknown sheep there, too? At least that’s how my thinking went. And why were all these sheep there together? In a commentary in Dr. R.C. Sproul’s Tabletalk on this passage, some things were nicely clarified.


The explanation given was that in 1st century sheep management, while various shepherds would lead their flocks by day, at night, numerous flocks would be gathered together into one, large sheepfold with walls for safety. The next morning, the individual shepherd would go to the fold and call to his sheep and they would come in response to his voice alone. Thus, Jesus’ parable makes more sense to me now. But maybe this parable operates at another level, as well.


As I began thinking a bit more about this passage, it occurred to me that, in some sense, we all live in a metaphorical sheepfold. Bear with me on this if you will. I praise our Lord for this wonderful creation He has made, which keeps us safe and in which we can live and conduct our lives. The earth is our safe place, our sheepfold. Further, various “shepherds” strive to control/call their sheep from this fold. Think false prophets and idols that we concoct for ourselves here. But Jesus, the one true Shepherd, calls to His sheep (believers) and they respond to His voice. Out of all the many voices clamoring for our time and attention, Jesus’ voice is the one we need to hear and to which we should respond.


A very important lesson is contained in this passage (one among many lessons, I would add). Notice in Jn 10:5, the Bible says the sheep do not respond to the voice of a stranger “…but will flee from him….” Maybe we should take our lead from the sheep here; maybe we shouldn’t follow many of the voices that vie for our attention and which we allow to control us and fill our time.


Jesus is our true Shepherd and it’s His voice alone we should follow. And with the teaching of Scripture and the work of the Holy Spirit to guide us, we can learn more about our Savior and those things He values, and we can strive to do those things more selectively as He leads us to safety and life everlasting.

Lee Pierce


“I don’t care!”

You hear this phrase often now days.  Why?  Because no one seems to care about anything but themselves and their agenda.

This kind of attitude goes clear to the top!

Here in Colorado, we have a politician running for a government office.  His campaign slogan is: “I don’t care!”  He goes on to tell you what he doesn’t care about….  He says, “I don’t care who you love.”  “I don’t care how you worship.” “I don’t care where you were born, or what your status is…”  ….And a bunch of other, “I don’t care” statements.  Am I the only one thinking that the ONLY thing he does seem to care about is getting elected?  And why would we want to put him in office if he isn’t going to change anything???  I am also wondering…Just what in the world DOES this guy stand for?

There’s an old saying I heard growing up….  “If you don’t stand for something…you’ll fall for anything!”  I’ve come to know that this is truth!

In Ephesians 6:13, it says, “Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to STAND.”

So…what does this mean?  The whole armor of God is the helmet of Salvation, the breast plate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the belt of Truth, the Sword of the Spirit, and your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of Peace.

You ARE AT WAR in this world with evil!  You are to prepare yourself, and then STAND.  Stand for what?  Stand for what is right.  Stand against evil.  Don’t give up!  Endure!  Wield your Sword, (The Word of God) to fight the enemy.  TAKE A STAND!

The sad thing is, we hear professing Christians say the same words.  Then there are those that don’t perhaps ‘say’ the words, “I don’t care…”, but their actions definitely bear out the fact that they indeed do not care about much!

I can almost understand why those that don’t KNOW Jesus in a personal way would have that attitude; but for Believers to feel this way is something I can’t seem to comprehend!

We are to be like Jesus.

What if HE would have had that attitude?  Where would we be?  I would be lost!  How about you?

I’m so glad HE came over two thousand years ago to die for me…to make possible a change for me…to show me that HE did, and does care for me!




Today, I went with my husband to his Men’s meeting at church.  No…I wasn’t there to ‘crash’ their get-together, I went along so that I could do some painting in our new place which is downstairs from where the meeting was taking place.

After what seemed like an eternity of painting, I saw most of the men leaving.  I thought to myself, “Good!  I’m really tired and want to go home!”

I decided to keep painting until my husband came and told me it was time to leave.  After all, I was almost done…I just had a little bit more to do.  But, as it turned out,  he never came until about an hour later!  I kept thinking, “I wish he’d come!”  ….”He should have come to get me by now…”  “Where is he??”

It reminded me of my longing to go “home”…to my eternal home!  Some days I get really tired of this crazy life and just wish Jesus would come and get me!  Especially when I see so many of my friends and loved ones going to be with Him.    Knowing that they are there, and I’m still here makes my longing that much deeper!

At times, I can almost hear Jesus say to me, “I know you’re tired, but you’re almost done!  Just a little bit longer…then I’ll come and get you!

See…we all have a job to do!  There are many lost folks out there that still need to be shown the way to Jesus!

So, next time you find yourself in an anxious state and want to go “home”, remember that there is much work left to do for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus is whispering, “Just a little bit longer…then I’ll come and get you!  ….You’re almost done!”