Do You Feel the Need for Forgiveness?


Here’s a good one from Lee!  Enjoy! -anita


Every month I receive a newsletter from World Challenge, David Wilkerson’s ministry, now headed by David’s son, Gary Wilkerson. In the December newsletter, Gary’s words spoke to me in a strong and convicting way.


Gary made the statement that “No one likes to think of themselves as a stereotypical Pharisee—rigid, moralistic figures who mostly opposed Jesus.” He went on to note that “several Christian writers,” however, believe that many of the Pharisees’ lives “most resemble our own.” What? That stopped me in my tracks. He clarified his point by saying that it’s not because we oppose Jesus, “… but because we strive hard to lead upright lives the way [the Pharisees] did.” And then the clincher: “And … because we rarely feel the need for forgiveness.”


That last point really got me thinking. I believe I feel the need for His forgiveness every day…because I sin terribly every day. I know I’m a well-practiced sinner who is very much in need of a Savior. But Gary continued to make his case. “For most of our waking hours, we aren’t moved or stirred to love on God.” Gary made this point in the context of discussing the story of the woman who anointed Jesus’ with expensive oil at the house of Simon the Pharisee. Here was a disreputable woman who took the time to love on Jesus, and our Lord responded with great forgiveness toward her. And He took Simon to task for Simon’s lack of similar acts of love and hospitality toward our Lord, whom Simon had invited to his home for dinner.


Gary Wilkerson wraps up this newsletter with some very penetrating questions; questions every professing Christian needs to ask of themselves. “Why don’t I feel Jesus’ love more? And why don’t I feel more love for Him?”


Wilkerson’s point is that, while we’re called to represent Jesus here on earth and spread His love to others around us, we can’t give what we don’t have or feel. “I urge you, receive His love—and love Him right back,” he says. I’m saying this mostly for me, but it may fit you, as well.


As I’ve said before, I need to do a better job of including Jesus in my whole day. Maybe then I’ll more readily recognize just how much I need Him and, in turn, love Him that much more for His great love and forgiveness toward me…and toward you.

-Lee Pierce