Here we are…going into another new year!  God has been so gracious to us this past year!  We can’t thank Him enough for all He’s done!

As I looked back over 2018, I began to question myself and my walk with God.  I know these questions regarding Him and my walk/testimony should be asked by me on a daily basis…but it seems I usually wait until the end of the year to examine such matters.

The other night, we were invited to a party.  Most folks there practice religion/tradition of the same occasionally, but don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus.  When my husband and I attend these functions, we tend to stick out like a “sore thumb”.  Oh, they’re kind enough to us, but there is a feeling of awkwardness in the air…it’s called conviction.  We don’t try to make folks feel uncomfortable for they are family and friends, but…it just happens.  Don’t get me wrong…we are far from perfect in our walk with God, but the light of Christ shines through us because He lives IN us; and His presence in us brings conviction.

As I sat in the midst of the party,  I felt out-of-place.  Not much in common with anyone there.  Then Jesus spoke to my heart and reminded me that this was my calling…to be a light in the darkness.  To show kindness and compassion.  To forget my own comforts and be mindful of others.  I know these things, but I usually feel that my acts of kindness make no impact.

I was so surprised when one of them went looking for my husband to say the prayer before we ate!  Then…when we were getting ready to leave, one of them thanked me for a kindness I’d shown and said, “God bless you!”

As we were talking in bed this morning and remembering the happenings of the party, I told my husband, “It’s good to know my light’s still on!”Do you ever wonder if your light has dwindled or completely gone out?  I do often!

In this new year that approaches, we all need to ask the Holy Spirit to burn bright in us as we walk through this world!  We must remember that people are watching us.  They want to know if we really believe what we say about Jesus.  Are we really walking the Walk?  Or are we just talking the talk?

Ask yourself….  “Is my LIGHT still on?”



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