We are going through it!  My ten-year old son brought home a bad cold back in October.  He recovered pretty quickly.  However, my husband and I caught it, and it has almost killed us!

I know age has a lot to do with recuperating…but this stuff is ridiculous!   My husband is still struggling with a sinus infection, which this morning has his face swollen.  I have been coughing for over eight weeks straight…day and night.  The cough drop companies are getting rich off of me!  I’ve taken antibiotics, prescribed cough medicine, yet nothing works!

Yesterday at work, my back began to bother me.  First I was stiff, then I could hardly move.  Last night was sleepless in Denver!  I am in pain at this point.  Can’t even go to work today.  My husband has to help me in and out of a chair and bed.  It hurts when I sit.  It hurts when I walk.  It hurts when I lay down.  …It hurts!

But, I will continue to praise God.  I asked Him this morning…”What do you want me to learn from all of this?”  I haven’t had an answer yet…but I will.

We have been doing a lot in ministry lately that is making a difference in lives.  I’m sure the devil isn’t very happy with us…and I say, “GOODY!”  It is my main goal to wreak havoc in his kingdom!  if that means I must suffer his wrath for a short time…so be it.  I’m not giving up on my quest to build the Kingdom of God!  I won’t stop!

I do admit to feeling a bit like Job though.  But I know in the end, the blessings I will receive from God will be so abundant that all of this trouble will fade away!  God will get us through all of these attacks!  And no matter what we suffer here…we WILL receive a crown of Righteousness in the end!  The devil can’t touch that!

My point in sharing all of these woes?  To encourage you if you find yourself going through some ugly times!  Stay strong in the Lord!  Stand in the Power of HIS might!  You’re almost at the end…just hang in there!  And…if you turn around…you’ll see me and my husband…we’re in the same boat!


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