BEFORE…and AFTER November 20, 2015

On this Thanksgiving Day…I want to thank Jesus for restoring my life! I was once ready for the trash heap…but HE cleaned me up…made me new! Thank You for dying for me Jesus! Thank you for restoring me!

The Gathering Journal

We just finished re-storing an old antique table that our kids gave us.  They know my love for re-storing old things, so instead of throwing it out, they asked if I wanted it.  I jumped at the chance, seeing the beauty and craftsmanship in the tired, weathered piece.  It was a mess when we got it!  Dust, cobwebs, spiders, veneer peeling off in spots; dry, colorless…downright ugly and ready for the trash…in most eyes, that is.  But I saw what it once was, and what it could be again with a little TLC.

Mike and I went to work on it.  We first cleaned it all up with mild soap and water…then, we began to sand it.  The old varnish that was left had to come off.  At first, we had to use very gritty sandpaper, but as we neared the end of this process, the sandpaper we used was…

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2 thoughts on “BEFORE…and AFTER November 20, 2015

  1. Nita, I loved your blog post today. Your story is my story…and the story of everyone before they meet the Savior! I wish I had known you when you were still a dirty mess (I do sort of know that person through the pages of your book) so I could better appreciate the radical transformation between that Anita and the Anita I know today.
    Both you and Mike are special people in my life and symbols of what God can do with a person who possesses a willing heart. -Lee

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