Old paper files are now a thing of the past.  NOW, we put all our stuff in the cloud.

I don’t know about you…but I have an old file cabinet I need to get rid of!  ….  You know…it’s that one in the back of my mind!  I’m pretty sure everyone has one.

Mine is chock full of folders that are decades old.  They contain notes on how to get revenge…get even.  Yes…they all have names of the offenders as well.  They list all the hurts and wounds caused by these folks.  Demeaning words carelessly spoken in anger.  Abuse-both physical and verbal.  You name it…it’s there!

If hanging on to all of this ugly stuff isn’t bad enough…I tend to blame every new offender and hold them in account for past violations done to me!  I run to the cabinet and pull out all the old folders of past offenses; AND, I begin a new file with their name on it.

I drudge up all the ugly, and wallow in its dirt and mire.

Forgiveness never crosses my mind.

The room in which I harbor my file folders is too full to add one folder full of good memories.

I have wasted much of my life in this room…

Time to clean out the file cabinet!

Time to let the Holy Spirit shred the ugliness!

Time to give it to the “Cloud” (Heaven), and allow Jesus to replace it with forgiveness!



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