Take a look at this from our own, Lee Pierce!  Good one brother! -anita


Are there things you wish you had, but just can’t afford them? I’m not talking about far-fetched things. Like 10,000-square-foot houses or 120-foot yachts; I’m talking about maybe some basic things. A new dress, a newer car (to replace the one that’s falling apart), a new TV maybe… Things we wish we had.

Sometimes, when I’ve thought about something I wished I had, another thought comes to mind to put things in perspective: Most of us – even the poorer ones of us – have more than most of the people now populating earth. Further, we have more life luxuries than even the wealthiest of kings in ages past. Now, I’m pretty sure I know where – or from Whom – that thought comes. God is reminding me of how well He is providing for me and for my family! Just the other morning, as I was showering, it occurred to me to thank God for the blessing of a warm shower when there are so many people around the world who either can rarely bathe or who do so in a cold river!

My thinking was piqued the other day by a recent article in Our Daily Bread. The article topic was on our propensity for forgetting God’s faithfulness in caring for us. The example used in the article was that of the Israelites and their complaining to Moses that they were starving in the desert after leaving the abundance they enjoyed in Egypt. I guess they quickly somehow forgot how onerous was their treatment at the hands of the pharaoh and how miserable was their life as slaves!

Most of us who know a bit about the Bible know that God responded by sending manna to slake their hunger. But He also provided meat [Ex 16:12-13]. Yet the people complained [Numbers 11:4-6]. As I thought about this situation and the people’s ingratitude, I wondered how I would have responded. Would I have been so ungrateful? At least in part, I think about how awesome it would be to see God’s hand wonderfully at work day after day. Every evening there was meat, and manna for bread every single morning. And all of this was not due to the efforts of the local equivalent of the Salvation Army; rather this was God’s hand clearly at work each and every day, right there in the middle of the barren desert!

I guess my amazement comes because so seldom can we know for sure that God has done something for us. I know, of course, that many events in our lives, things we know are near impossible yet they come to pass, are born of God and we should by all means give Him the credit and the glory. But this provision for the Israelites in the desert was clearly all of God and could have come only from Him. A true no-doubter! I guess I would hope that, with that knowledge, I would have been ever so thankful and on my knees in prayer and thanksgiving every day. I hope you can say that, too! He deserves it!

-Lee Pierce

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