Here’s a good one from our own Lee Pierce! Take a look…this guy will really make you think! -anita


 Outside of your prayer times, do you ever just think about God. Maybe when you see a beautiful sunrise or sunset? Or some circumstance occurs and you just somehow know that God’s hand was in it? At times like these, maybe your thoughts just turn to think on God and how awesome He is.

 I was thinking the other day about our Lord and how He came to earth. The thought struck me: Why did He come as a man and not as something else. I guess my thinking got a little silly when I began to think things like, maybe He should have come as a giant? Or maybe not as a man at all, but maybe as a giant bird like a splendid eagle, perhaps. The one common aspect of Jesus in my mind, as I conjured up other ways He might have appeared, is that He was huge, much bigger and august than we.

 My thoughts then turned to a story I heard years ago when I believe it was radio personality Art Linkletter who narrated “The Birds.” This story was about a farmer who saw a small flock of birds which he tried to help come in out of the cold, blowing wind. He became frustrated when they wouldn’t do what he tried to get them to do in order to receive his help. He came quite angry with the birds until he realized he didn’t look and act like them. He wasn’t a bird. Maybe if he became a bird, they would accept his help…and then he thought of Jesus. The point of the narrative, of course, is that Jesus left the divine throne room and the presence of His Holy Father to come to earth and become like us, but without sin. He took on the form of a man. A man who, while still somehow God, could live and die a man’s death to pay the penalty of sin on our behalf.

 Finally, my thoughts turned to the verses in Revelation where Jesus returns to earth [Rev 19:11-21]. In that passage, Jesus is depicted as astride a white horse, with eyes as flames of fire, and with a sharp sword coming out of His mouth, leading the armies of heaven, all of whom are astride white horses, as well. The Bible doesn’t say that He would be huge but the picture painted of our returning Lord is extremely imposing.

 When Jesus comes back to defeat the kings of the earth and their armies, He will be nothing like the simple carpenter’s son who came the first time. All my silly fantasizing aside, Jesus will come as absolute king and judge of the earth, and in a manner that will leave no doubt as to Who is in charge! He made the earth and the heavens in the first place, and when He comes to take them back, there will be none who will stop Him.

 As with all things of God, Jesus chose exactly the right form and manner to come to our world and accomplish His goals. And, when He comes back, that will be exactly right, also!

-Lee Pierce