Take a look at this!  Good advice Lee! -anita


If you’re at all like me, you lead a fairly busy life. Before I retired a couple years ago, I thought I was very busy. Once I retired, all of those things that I had put off because I was busy, jumped to the head of the line. You may have heard some retirees say things like, “I’m busier now than when I had a job!” Believe them—they’re right on the money with that opinion.

 So how does that busyness affect my spiritual life (and maybe yours, as well)? I still make sure to go to church on Sunday. I still pray my morning prayers and usually conversationally pray to God at various times during the day. What usually suffers, though, is the time I commit to reading the Bible and various devotionals that I love. Well, how does that affect you, one might ask.

 I’ve noticed an interesting correlation between my lack of consistent time spent in the Word and my daily approach to life. My observation is this: when I regularly read the Bible it molds me for the day. There’s nothing all that mystical about it, maybe. What I sense is that, when I read God’s Word, it causes me to think on things of God. I have His thoughts, His character, His wisdom, His mannerisms fresh and anew in my mind. Bible reading, by its very nature, forces me to think about God! Now how profound is that!? Of course, I’m being facetious here but, as many research studies have proven, our actions follow our thoughts. If I have God in my mind for the day, my actions mostly play out in God-pleasing ways.

 So what happens if I haven’t read the Bible for a few days, one might further ask? In short, I don’t like the person I become. I slip back into the ways of the world. I find myself being more impatient, easily angered by people (especially drivers of cars), and my thoughts often are consumed with things important to the world and, conversely, probably not that important to God, even abhorrent to Him in some cases. I even find myself uttering a swear word now and again, and saying things to people—even my dear wife, I hate to say—that are not helpful and are even hurtful or judgmental.

 This was all brought home to me recently when I found time to read one of my favorite devotionals, Tabletalk. In an article on “the world,” it said, “The world tempts us to adopt its values—materialism, favoritism, sexual uncleanness, pride, and so forth.” The article goes on to say, we must not succumb. “We must have our minds renewed continually by the Word of God…If we do not regularly attend [read] the Word of God, we will end up loving the world.” The article notes that we attend to God’s Word by hearing biblical preaching and reading the Scriptures.

 In my view, that’s good advice, indeed. I’d rather have my day played out with God’s Word in my heart than all the junk into which the world would rather see me invest my time. I want His ways to be my ways even though I’ll never fully attain that in this life [Is 55:8-9]. But, to be obedient to Him and to show Him my love, I must continually try!

-Lee Pierce