I wrote this poem back in 2009.  I was that lost lamb until Jesus found me!  Hope it speaks to you… -anita


There’s an old song sung,

Where a story is told,

Of ninety-nine sheep,

Who were safe in the fold.

But one lamb was lost,

It had gone astray;

Up on the mountain…

In the hills far away.

So the Shepherd went looking,

For that wayward, lost sheep.

Though the road He traveled,

Was rough and steep;

He knew it would soon die,

If not in His care;

And the thought of that,

Was more than the Shepherd could bear!

So, He crossed through waters

That were dangerous and deep

With the night dark and long,

As He searched for that sheep.

Then out in the desert,

He heard its sad bleating.

It was wounded, and bruised,

It’s life quickly fleeting.

The Shepherd gently placed

The lamb on His shoulders;

And trudged up that mountain,

O’er rocks and boulders.

As the lamb looked back

At the path now trod,

He saw drops of blood

On the rocks, and the sod.

The Shepherd was bleeding,

His hands-ripped, and torn;

His precious brow…

Pierced, by many a thorn!

His side bled too,

And so did His feet;

Then that sorrowful lamb

Began to bleat.

“Dear Shepherd, forgive

This wandering sheep,

That strayed from the fold

To the mountains steep!

I know I was wayward,

I was stubborn and strayed;

Now, you’ve suffered

Much anguish

Because I went

My own way!

Forgive me Dear Shepherd!”

The lamb did bleat.

But the Shepherd cried loudly…

“I have found my sheep!”

“Though I’m battered, and bruised,

And beaten sore,

It was worth it all…

For this lamb’s lost no more!

My sheep that was lost

No longer will roam!

So rejoice and make ready,

For we’re on our way home!”

-Anita Mondragon 2009

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