Last week, one of our cars broke down, so we’ve been down to one vehicle.  That means I have to put on my chauffeur hat, and take hubby to work, (in Commerce City-east) take our son to school, (on the west side of town) in the a.m. and then do it all over again in the p.m.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I must admit this is quite a feat for me!  I don’t drive all that much anymore, so I am frazzled by the time I’m back from this harrowing ordeal!  LOL!

So…Here’s what happened on Friday last week…

I could almost hear God say, “You need to trust Me!  I’ve got you!”  But, instead of trusting Him, I began to lean on my own understanding-which isn’t too proficient might I add.  Am I alone in this boat?  I don’t think so! 🙂

I kept fretting because the car I drive is old and worn out.  The brakes need repairing,  the check engine light is always on, etc.  A few weeks ago, it wouldn’t go into reverse…and now it is having trouble going into drive!  So….I fret!

I got my husband to work, and my son to school just fine.  No incidents.  So, in the afternoon, I went to pick up my son from school.  I was stopped at a light, and when it turned green, I stepped on the gas…and nothing happened.  Folks were honking at me, racing around me, flipping me off and cursing!  I threw my hands up in the air and said sorry…but it didn’t seem to help the rage they were feeling.

I began to pray, “Jesus!  Please help me at least get to the side of the road!”  Now, keep in mind…I’m 66, alone, not strong enough to push my car out of traffic, and…and this is a BIG AND…I only have $5.00 and some change in my purse.  Not enough for a cab, or a Uber or Lyft!

Well, to make a LONG story short, God got it started.  It did the same thing two more times, and completely died on me once before I got to the school.  I called my husband and he told me to find and Auto Zone and ask for transmission fluid.  I finally found one! I went in and told the guy what I needed.  He went and got it for me…but it was $7.49 plus tax….  The look on my face must have been that of desperation as I said, “Oh God!  I only have $5.00 and some change…don’t you have anything cheaper?”  The guy didn’t say a word.  He just cancelled it out, and rung it up to $4.99 plus tax.  I saw the total and exclaimed, “Oh thank You Jesus!”  The guy just smiled and patted me on the shoulder as I began to blubber.

We went back on Saturday to look for this kind “angel” and thank him.  When we did, and tried to pay the difference, he said, “No need…it was from the heart!”

Wow!  I saw the hands and feet of Jesus that day!  When we let God work through us, we have no idea what kind of impact we make on those around us!

Let God use you today to help someone.  Be and “angel”.  Be His hands and feet.  Be kind and compassionate.  BE JESUS WITH SKIN ON!