“Bad company corrupts good character.” -1 Corinthians 15:33   


I am always reminded of this verse when I hang out with my ‘old’ crowd.  I’m not saying they are bad folks…they just don’t KNOW the Lord.  They have a different master than I do.  And, I’m not saying I’m perfect…because I’m far from it!

For me, when the forces of darkness, (satan and his imps)  seem to out-number the force of Light, (Jesus) I find myself falling back into my old ways.  I am ashamed to admit it, but I hear myself spewing forth cursing and bitterness, find myself laughing at ungodly jokes…just pretty much joining in, and being part of the crowd.  Why?  I forgot to put on all my armor!

But…the Bible says that we as Believers are to be a beacon of Light.  We are to be a “peculiar” people.  That means, don’t blend in…stand out!  Folks are supposed to see a difference in us.  That difference will cause curiosity.  IF we show them something different…love instead of hate…joy instead of depression…peace instead of turmoil, they will want to know what we have, and how we obtained it!  Then we can share the Gospel with them!

I am appalled at myself when I fall back into my ‘old’ ways!    I’m sure my old friends are surprised as well when they hear me talk like I used to, or see me do the things I used to do; for when I was first saved, I witnessed to them, and they saw something different in me…a change.

So…does that mean we are not to ever be with the ‘old’ crowd?

NO!  It means we are to be with them…but we need to be sure and put on all of our armor before we go…for it will be a battle of Good against evil!  We need to be a bright light to the world…not a dim candle!  So, suit up and get ready for war!  Show those poor lost souls on the battlefield of life the way to salvation!





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