What’s in your alabaster box?

 Cast all your care upon him; for he cares for you. -1Peter 5:7


Remember the story of Mary Magdalene in the Bible?  ….

Jesus was invited to the home of Simon the Pharisee for dinner.  He no doubt wanted to show Jesus how religious and ‘pure’ he was.  He didn’t invite Jesus to his home because he wanted His presence…it was so that he could later boast to his friends that Jesus had been his guest for dinner.

Then an unheard of thing happened…a prostitute showed up…uninvited!  Most of us know the rest of the story….

Mary is so overwhelmed by the presence of Jesus, she lets down her hair, washes His feet with her tears, and dries them with her hair.  Then, she breaks her alabaster box full of precious ointment, and anoints His feet.  Women in that day would save a whole lifetime so they could afford the ointment in the alabaster box.  It was very costly!  We all own an alabaster box.  Our boxes are full of things from the past that we can’t seem to let go of…anger, hurt, resentments….

This action by her causes quite a stir among the prominent men at the party.  Why?  Because in that culture, when a prostitute let her hair down, it was a sign of seduction.  All the men in the room including Simon believed they hadn’t sinned as bad as her…so she was judged by them.  How many of us do the same thing?  We see a drug addict, alcoholic, prostitute, murder…etc, and believe they are worse sinners than us.  God disagrees with this view.  He said “there is NONE righteous…NO…not one!”-Romans 3:10

My question is this:  What’s in your alabaster box?  How many hurts have you stored up over the years?  How many regrets?  How many secrets?  How much hatred?  How much unforgiveness towards those who have hurt you?

When will you stop being concerned about WHO is watching you at altar call time?  When will you unashamedly run into the arms of Jesus and cast all your cares upon Him?

Take a moment, and investigate the inventory of your alabaster box.  Do you need to break it at the feet of Jesus?

Mary Magdalene walked away from the party that day, FORGIVEN OF ALL HER SINS!  You can do the same!  Run into His presence…