“You Get what you demand..You Encourage what you tolerate.” Tom Landry, Head Coach Dallas Cowboys.

WOW! I happened to see this quote the other day while my husband was watching a Football special.  It hit me like a ton of bricks!

This is what happens when we listen to the devil as he whispers negative things in our ears.  You know what they are…we’ve all heard his lies!  ….  “You’re worthless!”  “No one loves you!”  “You can’t do that…you aren’t smart enough!”  “Go ahead…take that drink (cigarette, drug)…it won’t hurt you!”  …And the list goes on…

The very second he comes knocking at our door, we need to run to Jesus!  When we tolerate his presence and listen to his lies…we encourage his curses to come upon us!

Next time he comes around…call on the name of Jesus!  HE is on demand.  You WILL get what you ask for!  HE will make the devil flee!


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