The promise I drew from my box today said this….

The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil.  He shall preserve thy soul. -Psalm 121:7

Notice.  It says from all evil!  That means even the little stuff that happens in the day to disrupt your joy and peace of mind.  That definitely means the big stuff too.  For everything that comes against you, remember…the Lord is in control!

Notice the word preserve….

Now, I grew up on a farm during the first years of my life.  After moving to the ‘big city’, my mom still canned and preserved fruit and vegetables.  When you can vegetables and make preserves, there is a process.  There are actually five steps to making preserves.

  1. wash and cut the fruit
  2. sanitize the jars
  3. cook fruit until it sets
  4. fill warm jars with hot fruit
  5. close the jars and process them in a hot water bath

That seems like a lot of work to get a perfect jar of jelly…but that’s what it takes.

The same holds true with the human heart.  When Jesus finds us, He must wash us clean in His blood.  Then, He begins to cut away all the old habits from our life.  Our hearts are sanitized, made pure by His presence. We are “cooked” through the trials of life until we learn how to stand in the face of adversity without wavering.  After this, our hearts are filled with a Holy Ghost fire to serve Him, no matter what may come our way.  we are now fit for the Masters use.  Then we are sealed unto the day of redemption.

Here’s the little poem that accompanied the promise:

“Guide me O Thou great Jehovah, pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak, but Thou art mighty, hold me with Thou powerful hand!” -Unknown

Remember, when you’re put through the fires of life…you are still held in the powerful hand of God!