No Stairway to Heaven

I read the following on one of my favorite blog sites called, NEW HOPE FOR DRY BONES. Take a look…this is TRUTH! -anita

New Hope for Dry Bones

I heard a story yesterday from a lady that was talking about her son playing in the elementary school band.  After a year of learning to play his percussion instruments, the band played a concert.

Parents and other people that could not get out of attending crowded into the school gym to hear the fruits of their labors.

The band director proudly announced they would play “Wooly Bully”.

I can relate to this because my brother played in band all through school and I am pretty certain I attended the same kind of concert early in his playing days.

It was a good thing that the director said the name of the song, because if he hadn’t, there was no way to know what the song actually was.

No matter how hard these young musicians tried, there were off notes, bad timing, squeaks and squeals not meant for human ears…

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