We have been studying the different gates mentioned in Nehemiah chapter 3 on Sunday morning services.  Right now, we are on the Horse Gate…the place of doing battle.

Pastor said so many good things yesterday, I decided to share a few highlights with you, my readers.  Keep in mind, these are all quotes from Pastor….  -anita


You don’t do battle with the devil for Victory…you fight in Victory, for the battle is the Lord’s, and it’s already won!

You have three enemies in this life…

  1. the world
  2. the flesh
  3. the devil

You fight these three enemies with the four “F’s”

  1. Flee evil
  2. Follow the way of righteousness
  3. Focus  on God’s Word
  4. Fight the devil

There are three keys to withstanding evil

  1. Submit -draw near to God; The measure of our submission will determine our level of resistance!
  2. Cultivate a humble heart
  3. Fight  Remember, if you are true to the fight, you will outlast the battle!

If you KNOW Christ, you have “Sword Power”!  But, you must show up to ‘Sword practice’!  You need to come to prayer meeting, Bible study, as well as Sunday morning service!  You can’t expect the pastor, or your spiritual friends to wield your Sword.  It’s YOUR Sword!

When fear tries to suffocate you and threaten your sanity, recognize it as an attack from Satan; then, RESIST through the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus!

DO NOT:  Bind, rebuke, deride or curse the devil or his demons….  Leave that to God Almighty!

DO:  Resist him, (oppose his onslaught, stand against him, and watch God neutralize his attack!) Then, watch him flee from you!

Every Christian should have two (2) views…  The backside of the devil, and the face of God!

Lastly, be careful of the types of folks you hang out with…even in church.  There are four kinds of people in church….

  1. Those that add to your life
  2. Those that subtract from your life
  3. Those that multiply your life
  4. Those that divide your life

Learn to surround yourself with those that add and multiply to your life.  Stay away from those that subtract from your life with their negativity, and divide you from your brothers and sisters in Christ!

-Pastor William Rodriguez