First of all, I want to apologize to all the readers of this blog.  I have been busy moving, painting, assisting in VBS (Vacation Bible School), helping at the food bank, getting ready for school to start, and contemplating my new job!  I have been retired/semi retired for eleven years now, but will be returning to work next week.  The other stuff has been fun, but, I must admit,  I’m stressing a little over the job.  I just want to do my best!  Hence, the preoccupation!

I am sorry though for not blogging on a regular basis.  I promise to try to do better in future!

That being said, I had to apologize to my Lord as well.  He has been getting “the short end of the stick” for sometime now.  I finally took a few minutes away from my busy schedule yesterday, and sat on my porch swing.  As I viewed all of God’s glory and beauty that I’ve been missing for a while, I found myself saying out loud to Jesus, “I wish you’d talk to me like you used to…”

The reply I heard was almost audible.  “Yeah.  I was thinking the same thing! ….”

WOW!  That’s when I had to repent!

Life is busy.  But we need to get our priorities straight!  God should be the first one we talk to.  He should be included in our every conversation and thought!  He should be sought for guidance, strength, assistance, and most of all fellowship in every moment of our day.  He is to be loved and adored…and we need to tell Him how much we love and adore Him,  all day long!

You want Jesus to talk to you?  I do!  I NEED Him to talk to me!

Maybe we need to start the conversation with Him first….  I’m sure  He’ll answer!