I went to our Wednesday night Bible study day before yesterday.  it is entitled, “Are We Led By The Spirit?”  I was really enjoying it,  learning a lot; in fact, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  But then it happened.  The pastor read a verse in Galatians 5:20 that talks about “Outbursts of anger…”

I struggle with that!  I went through two marriages where the men in my life kept their thumb firmly on me and their hand over my mouth, so I could not express myself.  After leaving that part of my life, I found my voice and tend to use it to excess now.  It is often accompanied by anger.

So, naturally when the pastor began to expound on that particular verse, I became very uncomfortable!  Gone were my feelings of success, and being a good Christian. I found myself so convicted, that  I even scribbled a short note to my dear husband who was sitting next to me.  It read, “He’s plowin’ in my field now!”

We’ve all been there.  None of us are perfect, but we need to strive to die to self, and let Jesus take control of our sinful nature!

It’s hard to die!  We have an instinctual mechanism built into us that screams for survival.  Self preservation is our number one concern.  But, the only way to live a Spirit filled life is to die to self and let Jesus reign.

Next time someone starts plowin’ in your field…don’t get mad.  Don’t run.  EXAMINE YOURSELF and check to see if your flesh is still breathing in that area.  If it is, put it to death…die to yourself and let Jesus take over and live through you!



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