It’s Nothing Personal

I read this on one of my favorite blog sites called, Hard Times Ministries. Instead of taking offense…we need to read the following with our heart and mind wide open and let God speak as we read, for THIS IS TRUTH!! -anita

Hard Times Ministries

They call it a science if you will or at least a protective constitutional right.  Previously we referred to it as Eugenics or selective breeding.  Today we call it the euphemistic name of Planned Parenthood. It’s no big deal, we are told as we are only ridding the world of a fetus.  It’s nothing personal.

Think about that word for a moment if you will. The person thing if you will.  And while this person may not yet live outside of the womb, indeed a person is there.

How can you take a small thing such as death and say it isn’t personal.  Hell, yes, it’s personal as a person is in evolved and the entire notion of the act of abortion is for eradication or death of the person.

Of course, they say a ‘person’ is not there yet.  That’s not what they say or the law says is…

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