While driving down the highway the other day, I saw a billboard.  It was different from most billboards you see, for it was not an advertisement, but rather a warning accompanied by a solution.  It simply read:

“Fear is contagious!  ….  So is Hope!”

That little phrase really caused me to think.

Jesus, in Matthew 8:26, asked the question: “Why are you afraid?”  He posed this question to His followers, His disciples.  You remember the story…they were out on a boat when a violent storm began to rage.  Jesus was sleeping as they were trying to survive.

The same storms of life have happened down through the ages, and will continue to occur until we go home to be with Jesus.  We must realize that just because we follow Christ, we are not exempt from suffering through the storms of life.  Max Lucado puts it this way….  “It’s not the absence of storms that sets us apart.  It’s Whom we discover in the storm: an unstirred Christ!”  Look at verse 24 in the same chapter mentioned above…”Jesus was sleeping.”

Can you see the picture in your mind?  While the disciples were screaming…Jesus was dreaming.  While the thunder loudly roared…Jesus peacefully snored. (paraphrased from Max Lucado)

Jesus KNEW that a storm was coming long before it ever appeared, but He decided to sleep.  Did that mean that He didn’t care about His disciples?  They thought so, for in Mark 4:38, they questioned, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?”  Let’s take that a little closer to home….  Have YOU ever asked God where He was in your dark, inky situation?  Have you ever made the statement, “God doesn’t care about me!” ??  I know I have, many times.

When we raise doubts about God’s character, we are listening to the voice of fear!  Instead of TRUSTING IN the strength, knowledge, and know-how of God and His sovereignty and power, we question His character

It’s time to stop listening to fear and put your hope in JESUS!