I’m sick and tired of the devil stealing from me!  Can I get an “AMEN!” ?

It seems like every time I start to get ahead…he steps in and takes something from me!  How many of you can relate?

BUT….  I heard a quote by someone who says…“When God takes something from your hand, don’t think that He’s punishing you.  He’s just leaving you empty-handed to receive something better!

I KNOW this statement to be true!

Yesterday, my husband went out to go to work, started his car, and it made this really strange noise.  He went ahead and drove it to work… what else could he do?  When it was lunch time, he went to his car, put the key in, turned it , and heard a loud crash.  After looking under the hood, he found that a belt had broken, and some other parts scattered throughout the engine that were also broken to bits!

Now keep in mind…this car was used when we bought it…but we had just paid it off, put in a new battery, new wiper blades, and he had just filled the gas tank that morning on his way to work.  After checking, we found there were some other serious problems with it and it would cost too much to fix all that was wrong with it, so we sold it for almost nothing to one of those towing companies that buy junk cars.

At first, when my husband called and told me…I started to cry…then I began to laugh.  Why wallow in anger and distress when nothing can be done?  That’s when I also remembered the quote above.

The quote is absolutely true!  We have had the devil steal much from us in our lifetime…but because we trust GOD…we always end up with something better.

If you are suffering loss right now…take heart!  God will provide you with something much better!


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