Today is the day we honor the men and women of the military for their sacrifice.  Were it not for them, we would not be free!  Many have died in wars now past, and many still willingly give their lives in this present time.  We are grateful to those who still fight for our  freedom!   We salute you!  We thank you!  We give you honor!

There was a Man, who died long ago for your freedom as well!  His name is Jesus.  He rose from the grave three days later, and now sits at the right hand of the Father.  He still fights for your freedom.  He prays and intercedes for you on a daily basis.  He willingly gave His life for you!  Accept Him today!

We thank You Lord for Your sacrifice!  Were it not for YOU…we would still be in bondage!  YOU have set us free!  We give You honor, glory, and praise!