This world has gone topsy-turvy!  Take a look around if you don’t believe me.

Every time you turn on the news, you hear stories of violence…human against human.  Shootings, muggings, rape, racial wars, murder…and the list goes on.  I just heard a story of a road rage incident that led to a shooting near South Parker Road and E-470 on Tuesday, here in Colorado!  People act worse than animals!

Last night, the following story was on the news….  Take a look…and keep in mind that this dog is half Coyote-wild.

Animals are more compassionate than humans.  There are countless stories with videos that prove animals take care of other animals.  Why can’t the human race act accordingly?  If someone is a different color, of a different ethnicity group, or, even a different social status, we as humans find it hard to ‘accept’ and help each other.

There is something wrong with this picture!

Maybe we need to take a lesson from our “Dumb Friends” ….  Looks like they may be smarter than all of us!


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