What if you could change the Future?

Here’s a good one from Hard Times Ministries! Take a look…then get motivated to share the Gospel! -anita

Hard Times Ministries

This should be an ingrained principle of every Christian that as a result of our interdiction, we can secure eternal life for those who are lost.  Actually, this is a very big and major task.

Can you imagine if you could stop a war or a raging cancer or the starving among children? How about the lies and killings and torture and divorce and drug addiction and the various other many plagues that storm our earth?

In effect, you have no idea how the change of one person can really affect the rest of the universe. The consequence of change can be either good or bad.  The choice is somewhat ours.

Yet, to accomplish this we must in obedience proclaim the Gospel and Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.  But with even all of us doing that, will we change the World?

Probably not.  Yet, Christ due to His…

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