In this day and age, I’m sure we’ve all heard the expression, “Time is money!”  That’s because time is valuable!

We’ve all been told, “Don’t waste a minute…”, “There’s power in a moment…”, “Stop wasting time…”, “Time waits for no man…”  Those are just a few.

All these sayings are true.  However, we all need to rest from time to time so we don’t get burned out!  Even Jesus rested.  After creation, He rested on the seventh day.  Many places in Scripture tell us that He went off by Himself to rest for He was weary.

Alli Worthington says, and I quote: “WE HAVE TO START BREAKING BUSY BEFORE THE BUSY BREAKS US!”  Good quote to remember!

It’s good for the soul to take a quiet walk alone and see the beauty of God’s creation.  Or to stand on the river bank and go fishing, and hear the sounds of nature.  Maybe have a short nap in your lawn chair listening to the rustle of the leaves and feeling the soft breeze on your face.  Solitude!  We need more of it now days!  Life is too busy!

Even in music there are rests…pauses…breaks.  There are dynamics in music just as there are in life.  There is the fast tempo, the slow-down, the crescendo, staccato, the loud and frenzied, the sweet and quiet…the rest.  Why?  because after the rest-be it life or music, everything seems sweeter.

In life, after you’ve rested, you can face almost anything that comes your way.  That’s because resting gives you a new perspective on things.  Your perception regarding  the severity of your problems diminishes after rest.

Let’s use our time wisely, and take advantage of every opportunity God puts in our path, and yes, let’s continue to be busy for God and His Kingdom…but don’t forget to take time to rest awhile!  Jesus thought it was important!  So should you!


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