Life’s Broken Road

…A breath of fresh air! Take a look… -anita

Wilderness Joy

Don’t be afraid to continue down the broken road.
God will meet you there.  ~ David Burchett

Broken road 1My feet stay where His footsteps lead;
I kept on His pathway and haven’t turned aside. ~Job 23 v 10

~~For those who have stumbled long over life’s broken road~~
Maybe your way has been long and arduous, full of sharp
stones and overhung by thorny briers.
Every now and then you have come to small refreshing
glades where green grass and summer flowers
restored your tired, worn out soul.
Sometimes, it has all seemed meaningless and harsh,
and yet as you reach out to the Heavenly Father,
your way becomes a path by which
you reach His storehouse of abundant treasures.
Of these, Jesus is the greatest.
He guides, leads and refreshes you along the way.
He stands at your destination with arms wide open
to embrace you in tender, compassionate…

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