Bringing in the Sheaves (Everyone left behind)

Here’s one to really think about! It is TRUTH, to the core! Thanks for the reminder, T. F.! -anita

Hard Times Ministries

For some people it may seem that in bringing in the sheaves, we are only talking about ‘those kinds of people’ that fit the mold. You know, the ‘worthy’ type and kind, not those…well, for more or less speaking in the vernacular, the bums and hobos and homeless.

No, we don’t really want to bring those bums into our churches nor do we want them around us.  Sure, we’ll embrace them if they clean themselves us and attempt to be a ‘proper’ person like other folks.

The same holds true with the drug dealers and ex-cons.  We don’t want them either.  They should remain with their ‘own’ kind.  We don’t need to be influenced by their bad habits.

And so when we look around the church and see all those ‘good’ people, we realize we are supposed to work to bring in all the others.  It is supposed to be…

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