Have you ever had something so wonderful and unexpected happen to you, and you were afraid to say it out loud…just in case it wasn’t true?  Maybe you thought you’d jinx it by saying it aloud?

But then, you decided to share it anyway….  And that’s when all the “What if’s???” came flying into your heart and mind.

I believe that happens, because the devil doesn’t want hope and joy to be spread around throughout your world like butter and jelly!  -We all know how much better a piece of dry toast tastes if it has butter and jelly!  If you were to talk about the good things, others would know that “There IS a light at the end of the tunnel”!  They would dare to believe their bad situation could change if they’d just rely on God!

We were created in the image of God Almighty, and you see what happened in seven days time as He spoke the worlds into being, not to mention, everything that is in them, on them, and under them!!

Words have power!  You can use your words to destroy someone…or you can use them to build someone up!  You can ‘create’ an atmosphere of peace and hope, or chaos and despair with your words!

The Bible says, “Let the redeemed of the Lord, say so.” -Psalm 107:2  We are to share the goodness of God with other Believers, as well as the world around us!  We, Believers… have The Good News of the Gospel to share.  We all have testimonies of the unbelievable miracles God has done in our lives!

Don’t let the devil put his hand over your mouth and intimidate you into being quiet about the things God has brought you through!

SPEAK LIFE into your troubled times!  God can…and WILL give you the keys to the Kingdom if you’ll just trust Him, and give Him all the glory!  I KNOW this to be true!  I’m a witness!


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