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I just finished watching a fascinating short video created online by Prager University (PragerU.com) delivered by well-known physicist, Dr. Brian Keating. Dr. Keating is a professor at U. Cal San Diego.


His thesis is this: “What’s a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the ‘Multiverse’?” Keating notes that some 70% of the scientists in the National Academy of Sciences portray themselves as atheists. They wish to debunk the faith held by millions of Christian believers because, as they maintain, there is no evidence to prove the existence of God. None of that is news, I suppose. Science supposedly exists to prove, through consistently replicable experimentation, that some physical fact is true or not. If a theory can’t show consistent experimental outcomes, then it can’t be considered fact.


Interestingly, though, here comes a nationally-known astrophysicist who says that the science community has a serious problem, also, when it comes to proven facts about the so-called multiverse theory. This theory postulates that there isn’t the one universe that we know (somewhat, anyway) and live in; there is an infinite number of universes. And, if that’s the case, there is one somewhere that is probably exactly like ours. Further, since we’re talking about infinite universes, anything we can conceive of is possible…all without the need for a God.


As Keating points out though, this universe that we do know and love is “a very hostile place.” He cites the existence of phenomena like solar flares, cosmic rays, and asteroids flying about, for example, to reach the conclusion that it’s amazing that anything manages to exist. Let alone a world like ours where so many things clearly work in unison to create an environment where we can exist and thrive. And against such unbelievable odds!


Dr. Keating concludes that the scientific community lives with and exhibits the same kind of depth of faith for which they criticize the Christian community. Science can’t prove the theory of multiverses (In large part because we live solely in this one!) any more than you and I can indisputably prove the existence of God. But I would say this: I can look around me at the world in which we live, and see what I believe is amazing evidence for an all-powerful God. A God filled with the gifts of sophisticated creativity, artistry, wisdom, and boundless love. Granted, I can’t look at a rose and say with certain that God created it. But the fragile roses in my garden look so unlike anything else in this hostile universe and they seem to proclaim that a God, a great lover of beauty, made that rose. At the same time, I can say with great certainty that I’ve never seen another universe. So who exhibits the greater leap of faith?! To God be the glory!

Lee Pierce

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