I watched a movie the other day called Ricochet.  It was a story about a biker gang that took over a small community and wreaked havoc on the residents on a daily basis.

In walks a huge ex-military guy, and starts cleaning up on the biker guys.  I guess my point in sharing the back ground of this story is to lay the ground work for what I saw as I watched.

I can’t speak for you, but in my life, the devil and his gang of imps have in the past taken over my life and wreaked havoc on me!  I was afraid to retaliate…or to even seek solace from God because he, the devil, had me convinced that he was more powerful.

But then…in walks God!  He took vengence on the devil and his imps!  And HE did it..just for me!

In the movie, there was a girl that was so terrified of the bikers, she told the ex-military guy to just leave…that she had no way out…no other choice….  She couldn’t see that she had a savior, waiting for her to accept his help, for she was too fearful.

That’s when it hit me.  We do the same thing sometimes.  God shows up to rescue us, but we are so convinced that there is no hope.  THE SAVIOR of the world stands before us on a daily basis, willing and able to help us…but we must ACCEPT His offer.

Are you tired of living in fear?  Are you tired of allowing an evil entity to govern and rule your life?  Are you tired of “living” in despair?

Then…LOOK UP!  The Savior, Jesus Christ is standing right there in front of you!  He stands with arms open wide, waiting for you to run to Him!  You don’t have to live in fear and despair any longer!  Run to Him…He’s waiting for YOU!


One thought on “LOOK UP! HE’S WAITING FOR YOU!

  1. Good one today, Nita! It’s true, we dream up lots of solutions– most of which have no chance of working–to fix our problems. When, all along, there’s One who is the only one who can solve the problems of life. And, we often never ask, except when things get so bad all other options are gone!

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