The impossible job of helping people who don’t want to be helped

I read this the other day on a site called, Hard Times Ministries. I quite agree! See what you think…

Hard Times Ministries

Anyone who’s ever been around an alcoholic knows it is impossible to really help them until they realize they need help.  The same is true for other afflictions.

One person might see it as extremely intransigent to discuss anger issues with a person easily angered.  They deny it, and point the finger back to you.

This is true also when dealing with a psychopathic supervisor who bullies others into submission. In fact, when it comes to help, it is not the bully who really needs help it is the abused as a result of the bully and so too for others who impose their will on us.

Let’s face it.  Some tyrants really enjoy being tyrants and for others, they also enjoy inflicting pain on other people.  It is their delight and they will brag upon it.  Simply ask a sociopath and see. They rejoice at the stupidity of others…

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