I wonder if Jesus enjoyed His quiet times with His friends?  I believe He did!  Remember when He made fish on the fire for all of them right after His resurrection?  Best beach party ever!

I know I sure do enjoy the times I spend with my friends.  Laughing, talking, sharing one another’s burdens, praying together…it’s pure bliss!

I was watching the movie, The Shack the other day.  In that movie, there is a scene where Mack, the main character of the book is having dinner with God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  The Trinity asks Mack to tell them about his family and what’s going on with them.  They listen intently, as though They’ve heard it for the first time.  Once Mack finally notices this, he asks Them why They are laughing and smiling and showing concern…because They already KNOW  what’s going on, and they already know what he’s going to say! ( -We were known to God before the foundation of the world!  See Ephesians 1:4)  Their response?  “Because We love seeing things through your eyes!”

God knows everything about us, but we show Him He’s our true friend when we SHARE our burdens, thoughts, and secrets with Him…because that’s what GOOD FRIENDS do!

Talk to the Triune God today!  When you’re having your morning coffee, ask Them to join you.  Share your joys with Them.  Share your sorrows, doubts and fears as well.  Like good friends, They’re always present to listen!

The difference between Them and our dear earthly friends, is that They not only listen, but They can change your situation, and make everything all right!

Gotta go!  Time for coffee and fellowship with my Three best Friends!