I don’t know about you…but I’m tired!

I’m tired of the ‘Haves’, continually taking from the ‘Have-Not’s’!

I’m tired of the new concept that there is no longer black and white, no right, no wrong… but everything is now gray!

I’m tired of the new idea that there are no absolutes in this world anymore.  What’s truth to me, may not be truth to you….  I’m sorry!  But that’s bologna, anyway you slice it!

I’m tired of trying to teach my children to be honest, forthright, and truthful…and then having to explain to them, why the leaders and politicians of this world make it to the top of the heap by lying through their teeth!

I’m tired of seeing homeless people on the streets with nowhere to go!

I’m tired of clinics being set up, and supplied with drugs for addicts, while veterans of war go untreated!

I’m tired of receiving little, to no compensation from government entities such as social security, medicare, medicaid, food stamp assistance, and the like when I’ve worked my whole life and put into these programs, but never been allowed to use them because I have a job!

I’m tired of our ‘justice’ system that allows murderers and rapists to go free on a technicality, due to their rights being violated!

I’m tired of the Witness Protection program that causes good, up-standing citizens to have to change their whole lives in order to stay alive, while known criminals still walk the streets and do their evil deeds all the while, being “watched” by the authorities!

I’m tired of the civil war and unrest between races and cultures that persists in this nation on a daily basis!

I’m tired of the prices of housing, utilities, food, clothing…everything going up, while our income remains the same!

I’m tired of the lack of character in folks today!

I’m tired of the loss of integrity in people…from the top of our government, to the poorest man in the streets!

I’m tired of the powerful using the weak to their benefit!

I’m tired of the rights of animals, and their welfare being more important than the rights of unborn children!

I’m tired of seeing the hungry and starving children of this world continue to be hungry and starving!

I’m tired of big corporations, with all their money and clout, pushing out the ‘little guy’!

I’m tired of being afraid to go to McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, the mall, or driving on the street or highway for fear of being shot!

I’m tired of the government trying to take away our rights, one by one, and brainwashing the weak-minded into believing, “its for their good”!

I’m tired of those in authority “stomping” on the Constitution, and revoking all it stands for!

I’m tired of our government officials who are willing to listen to middle school and high school students (who have no idea of what being an adult is about), and changing our laws because of their voice!  We have 14 year old kids running the country!

I’m tired of people forgetting about those in the military that gave their lives for the freedoms we still possess in this country!

I’m tired of people wanting me to allow them to share their religion, when I am not allowed to share mine!

I’m tired of the word, “Equality” being over-used, when there is anything but equality going on in this world!

I’m tired of the word, “tolerance”, for in today’s world, that only means that I’m supposed to be tolerant of you…but you don’t have to be tolerant of me!

I’m tired of the violence!

I’m tired of the hate!

I’m really tired of the lack of God in this nation!  ….

And therein, lies the problem of this present-day world we live in!  No one wants God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives anymore!  God is love, and if we had more of Him…all the things I mentioned above would not exist!