I posted this back in 2015, but it bears repeating.  The message is URGENT! -anita


“Listen!  I am standing at the door, knocking; if you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in…”  Revelation 3:20


In a quaint little mountain church in Idaho Springs, Colorado, sits a young woman.  She used to attend on a regular basis…but she’s too sophisticated for that at present.

The wild friends, parties, and distractions of this world hold all of her attention now.  The ‘Storybook Jesus’, from Sunday School has long since faded from her mind.

She only came today as a favor to her old high school friend, Tom.  He was back in town for a few days on Spring Break, and had practically begged her to come to church this morning.

The preacher was a ‘fire and brimstone’ sort, so she had nearly tuned him out.  He seemed to be rambling on and on about Hell.  She’d heard it all before…BORING!!

Then, he suddenly got quiet, and whispered, “Tomorrow is promised to no one.  Today could be your last opportunity to come to Jesus!”  He was actually crying now!  She wanted to laugh…partially from the revelation that he could be right, and that scared her!  But, mostly to impress her other ‘party’ friends that had joined her to get Tom off their backs.  But, instead of laughing, or running to the altar, she took the hymnal and scribbled something inside on the fly-leaf.

FINALLY!  The invitation music came to a close.  She couldn’t wait to get out of there!  Her and her friends said their good-byes to Tom, and piled into the car.  It was a beautiful day!  So warm and sunny…  Someone suggested they put the top down so they could feel the warm breeze.

They roared down the two lane canyon highway driving recklessly.  The alcohol was being passed around as they mocked the preacher’s words.  Cursing loudly, and shaking their fists, they passed an old gentleman who was moving too slow for them.  They were in a hurry!  After all, they barely had time to make it to a party in Denver.  “Park it or drive you old goat!” they yelled.

Just as they rounded the curve, they met a semi truck, and hit it, head-on.  They were all thrown from the vehicle.  Word of the horrific accident soon got back to the small mountain town.  A bunch of men rushed to the scene to help; Tom was among them.

He found his friend lying in the middle of the highway.  There was nothing he could do.  Her body was broken and twisted.  She was going to die soon, and he knew it.  He cradled her head in his arms trying to comfort her in her last moments.  She kept saying, “Help me Tom…help me!”, as she looked into his eyes.  Her words would haunt him forever.

Every young person in that car was swept into eternity that Sunday afternoon.

When the janitor was cleaning up the church the following day, he found the hymnal lying on the seat.  It was open, and on the fly-leaf were found the words written by the young girl, “I’ll take my chances…”

She did, and she died.  Not another opportunity to come to Jesus.  The Bible says:  “Today is the day of Salvation…NOW is the acceptable time!”

If you hear Jesus whispering your name…Listen!  For He stands quietly knocking at your heart’s door.  Ask Him to come in!


By:  Anita Mondragon (as told to me by my cousin Tom Johnson)