Sometimes God Opens a Door

I found this post on a blog site called, Those Who Sin Differently. It was very encouraging to me. If you take it to heart…it will be beneficial to you as well! -anita

Those Who Sin Differently

Although also quoted elsewhere, many people know the phrase below from the movie, The Sound of Music:

When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.

With a good team of script-writers, a self-aware hero or heroine in a movie (or theater production) can be nearly certain that things will look bad around the second act, but in the end, the finale will find them victorious and vindicated.

To be clear, this catch-phrase is probably too much of an over-simplified message about how God works (not unlike my over-generalized summary of every movie…ever).  It’s not actually quoted from the Bible.  However, the message that it contains can be a good reminder of how God leads us on a superior path, and He sometimes accomplishes that by preventing us from going in another direction (one that may look comfortable, but whose destination isn’t as great as what God…

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