Door Slamming

I saw this post on a site called, New Hope for Dry Bones. It was so good! I wanted to share! Enjoy and be blessed by it’s words! -anita

New Hope for Dry Bones

My dad retired from General Motors. He was working at a new modern facility when he retired but a lot of his career took place in the old plant in St. Louis. Sometime, back in the seventies there was some kind of an open house there in the factory and dad took me to check it out. It was the only time I ever visited the place where dad worked.

I didn’t get to see the Corvettes being made because the factory had already been moved from St. Louis to Bowling Green, Kentucky. Dad said I would have just been all itchy anyway because the fiberglass the bodies are made of got on you just walking in the area they were built in.

I did get to see how the trucks went together. The plant was the biggest place I had ever been in. Dad took me around to the…

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