I wrote this poem in April of 2008, so I’ve probably posted it before-so forgive me if that’s the case; but Spring has caught my attention!  Every morning I wake to see a beautiful sunrise-just outside my window.  The sound of birds singing praises to God fill the crisp air, and there’s a stirring in my heart for new things yet to come!-anita


Oh bird of black

And midnight blue,

This song you sing…

Who is it to?


This sweet refrain,

In boughs a swaying…

What are the words?

What are you saying?


At times, I’m sure

It’s to your kin,

To let them know

Just how you’ve been;


But when I see 

You all alone…

Your mighty voice,

Raised up in tone,


And singing, though

Your heart would burst

To One, unseen…

A glorious verse;


It’s like a prayer…

More than a song

When in duet,

Dove coos along;


And both,  with voices

Raised divine,

God bends His ear

And for a time,


Turns His attention…

His full gaze,

And hears Creation 

Sing in praise!

Anita Mondragon -April 2008