Here’s another one of those pertinent questions that Lee Pierce challenges us with!  Enjoy! -anita



I was thinking this morning about God’s great act of creation and how complex and artistic it is. This led me to think about how some people can look at the great oceans, the star-filled skies, majestic, soaring mountains– and even the wonderful creation that’s you and me—and come to a completely bogus conclusion. One that says these things are all the result of chance!


As I pondered how an otherwise intelligent and functioning mind could ever reach such a conclusion, I had a bit of an epiphany. It occurred to me that for a person to reach such a conclusion takes a significant act of faith. If natural selection and survival of the fittest—two hallmarks of naturalism (where anything supernatural is excluded)—are truly at work in our world, why doesn’t every creature look and act the same within each kind. One kind of rose, one kind of beetle, one kind of person, and so on. Surely, with all the billions of years postulated by evolutionists, each kind would have perfected itself by now!


According to a study by the University of California, there are more than 350,000 beetle species alone. Like flowers? There are some 150 distinct types of roses alone and thousands of hybrids. And, one need only look around oneself to see all the variations of human beings easily in view at any given moment. Moreover, if one takes a close look at our own bodies, one can see an amazing array of highly complex systems at work, all in unison. Our ability to think and reason, our sight, our digestive system, our immune system, speech, cardiovascular system, and others, all point to a highly developed creature. Clearly, there is so much sophistication here in our world—not to mention the sophistication within our own selves—that chance is woefully inadequate to explain it all.


Yet, large numbers of people conclude—as we’ve discussed in other blog postings—that there is no God; all that we see is the result of chance. As I pondered this thought, it occurred to me that it must take a massive amount of faith to hold that position (and maybe exercise a huge chunk of denial) given the overwhelming body of evidence to the contrary. It came to mind then that I questioned how strong my faith is. How do I believe in the God of creation and how vocal am I about this belief compared to the large written and vocal body of work that touts a universe of chance? A position that is often shouted loudly and with passionate conviction.


Of course, we are called to defend the faith we have, and many of us do so when called upon. But many times, maybe you, like me, are content to just enjoy this quiet and loving relationship we have with our great God. Maybe those who espouse the naturalist position do so with such vehemence and strident voice simply to convince themselves that their position is a worthy one to hold, and to drown out any quiet contemplation that might cause them to question said position.


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