I wrote this poem back in July of 2008, and just found it yesterday while searching through some old writings of mine.

I can’t speak for anyone else here, but temptation knocks at my door almost daily.  Temptation to be angry, curse, say things I can never take back…temptations to get revenge, to bend the truth (in other words, LIE), etc; and if we’re all honest…we all deal with Mr. Temptation on a pretty regular basis in one way, or another.  That’s how this poem came about.  -anita


Last night, temptation came to me and seduced my poor, weak soul.

I fought him bravely for awhile…I kept site of my goal,

To only please my Father–for He’s done so much for me!

I just couldn’t bear to disappoint, so I tried to run and flee.

But never once did I call Jesus’ name….  That was my first mistake!

See…temptation knew my besetting sin, he KNEW what was at stake!

So he ran at me hard, and laughed as I fell, then laid there all wounded and torn.

He looked rather smug at me,  lying there in the dirt. “Gotcha’ now!” he said, as he blew his horn.

He was calling other demons to come there, to his aid.

I was helpless to fight back, I felt defenseless and afraid!

Then condemnation and regret showed up, and despair was at their side.

Condemnation laughed and said, “I knew you’d do this again!  …But you thought just ’cause Jesus died,

That you’d never have to see me again…but guess what?  You were wrong! ‘Cause here I am!”

“AAAHHH!”  I wanted to shout right back….  For behind him, stood The Lamb.

He’d no more than spoken, when I saw his face begin to twist and contort…

Then his knees began to shake and buckle as he yelled to the others, “It’s over! Abort! Abort!”

They were on the run! Jesus had heard my heart’s faint cry!

Then He looked at me, and shook His head and lovingly said with a sigh…

“A righteous man falls seven times, then dares to rise again!  He asks forgiveness for his faults, then turns from all of his sin!

He seeks a refuge in the Lord, and calls upon MY name.  He doesn’t make excuses…he owns up and takes the blame!

The saddest thing is not the sin, for those, I will forgive!  It’s the fact that you’ve disappointed the Father…and with this, you’ll have to live!

But…you’re not condemned…see, I paid for that as I hung there on the Tree.  I died and shed My blood for you…from condemnation, set you free!

Now, get back up!  Stand on your feet!  Walk tall, and be on your way.

Remember WHO you need to serve–choose right!  Choose you this day!

Will it be Me, who died for you; Who loved you then and loves you still?

Or will you serve the one who comes, to only destroy, to steal and kill?

Choose you this day Who’s voice you’ll hear…

My voice of Peace?  Or that of fear?”

Anita Mondragon July 2008

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