I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted this before.  If I have, please forgive me for boring you with it yet once again!

I was looking through my piles of poems, and all the many things I’ve written in the last twenty some years…yes…there is a lot of stuff!  Anyway, I ran across this little thought I jotted down way back in 1997.  I was at work when I wrote this.  My desk faced the window, and the thought that went through my mind was…”The Holy Spirit is like a mighty wind!”  Then, I went on to write the following….

The Holy Spirit is like a mighty wind!

I realized this as I watched the cotton from the cotton wood trees float through the air, as the leaves rustled softly in the warm breeze.

When we follow His leading, we glide through things with seemingly little to no obstacles.  But, when we are resistant to His gentle coaxing, He can become like the winds of a mighty tornado which can uproot the strongest of trees.

If we truly belong to Him, we will hear His voice for we are His sheep.  He can lead us through the wilderness, or beside still waters.  The choice is ours.

We can move at His very whisper as it stirs the strings of our hearts, or we can ignore Him until He calls to us with the voice of many waters which will uproot our stubbornness, and take us intensely from our stable surroundings.


Anita Mondragon -1997

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