I was raised in church…went just about every Sunday since I was two weeks old.  My daddy was a Baptist preacher for over forty years.  We went to church on Wednesday nights for prayer meeting, and Thursday for visitation.  We had special events for teens, ladies, men on most Saturdays.  I spent more time in the church than I ever did at home.  IT WAS MY HOME!

I know many, many scriptures, although I don’t know their addresses (where to find them), but I can quote them verbatim.  I have hidden the Word of God in my heart, and my parents taught my brother and I the scriptures like it says to do in Deuteronomy, I believe, where it says to talk about them in the morning, and when you lie down, and when you walk in the way.  God was brought into every…EVERY situation that arose in our household.

But…I find, I really don’t know much.  God’s love is so wide!  His grace so unfathomable.  His mercy so far reaching…I can never begin to KNOW and understand the measure of His being!

He formed the worlds…the universe…the sun…the moon…the stars….  He made everything on this earth and the heavens.  And He did it all by speaking it into being.  When I realize these things, and really ponder them, it is mind-boggling!

But then when I think about my own sin, I am overwhelmed at His forgiveness!  The fact that He would die to save the likes of me is something I find hard to comprehend!  So I conclude…I really don’t know much.  But like the following song says….”I have learned ONE thing about God…He will never change!   Take a listen, and ponder today on the love, grace and mercy of God Almighty to each one of us….  You will be blessed!