Here’s one for you to think about!  It’s from our own Lee Pierce.  Enjoy!  -anita


Hidden Things


I suppose all of us have hidden aspects in our life. I’m not speaking so much of things that maybe we’re hiding because we’re undeservedly embarrassed – I always felt ashamed about not having a dad in my life like most of the other kids in school had. Certainly, I had no control over that situation. No, I’m thinking here more of things that would be seen as patently awful by any casual observer.


These things of which I speak typically are thoughts—although actions or spoken words might be involved, as well. Judgments I make about others—usually kneejerk with little basis in fact. Salacious thoughts. “Little” profanities I might utter—usually in traffic. Things I don’t really want to discuss with friends or even my wife and family. Some of that motivation is pride, of course. I don’t want friends and family to think less of me. But, at the same time, to walk honestly with my Lord, I MUST call myself to account for these thoughts and actions. And to whom do I turn? The Lord, of course. As I seek to involve Him in every aspect of my life, I must share these things with Him, as well. I find myself apologizing to God a lot, and I don’t mean that facetiously. I hate it when I embarrass myself in front of God and I want to make it right!


I read something recently: “We have dark thoughts that we hide…that we share with no one else.” This came in the context of reading comments concerning John’s gospel about Jesus being the light. “In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.” [John 1:4] This, of course, concerns things we do when we believe no one else can see, i.e., operating in the darkness. Dr. R.C. Sproul puts it this way: “Without God’s grace, we want no part of the light.” Later he says, “It is against the nature of a child of darkness to come to the light because he knows the light represents exposure and humiliation.” And the Bible is clear: we don’t come to the light of our own accord. Sproul says, “But for us to come to the light takes a special work of God’s sovereign, irresistible grace.” [See John 1:12-13]


From this I conclude that God wants us to come clean (no pun intended) with Him. To talk to Him about the things for which we are deservedly ashamed. For one thing, He already knows what you’re thinking and, second, it’s very liberating to have this out in the open as you talk honestly with God. Just as importantly, He is really the only one who can help you change your ways, as He works to sanctify you through the course of your life…to make you more like His Son.

-Lee Pierce

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