The Hate Flag

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New Hope for Dry Bones

A year or so ago, while driving from one fishing hole to another, I saw a house that caught my eye. It wasn’t a big or grand house. It wasn’t a falling down shack. In fact, I never would have noticed if it weren’t for one feature that I wasn’t expecting to see.

The garage doors were adorned with giant swastikas and then there were Nazi flags hanging on the front of the house.

I’ve never actually seen these symbols displayed on a home before then. These are the things I see spray-painted on a house hastily by vandals or tattooed on a guest of the Jerry Springer show. They seldom invade my world.

We drove past this house several times over the few days we spent fishing in the area. I never saw who lived inside but I developed very strong opinions about what kind of people they…

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