We have been studying the Book of Nehemiah at church.  We learned that the Sheep Gate is the Gate of Salvation, the Fish Gate represents the Gate of Evangelism, and the Old Gate is the Counsel of the Lord…His Old Truths that most of us have forgotten.

In Chapter 3 of Nehemiah, we find that the walls of the city were being rebuilt using the old material they found in the debris.  No new material was used.  This shows us that,  “If we don’t remember our past…we will repeat it!”

We need to ask God to remind us of what He brought us out of, and where we could have been had He not rescued us!   When you remember all the things that God brought you through in the past, you will KNOW in your heart, that He will bring you through in the present and the future!  You will trust Him with all your heart when you ponder on His Goodness!

I think Alison Krauss said it very well…

Let us always remember what we used to be before the Savior found us!  Let us stay “Connected” to our Lord, for it is He who makes our life stable!  Learn His Word.  Love His Word.  Live His Word!

William Rodriquez/anita