We’ve all heard of ‘The morning after pill’.  You know…it’s the one you take in case you got pregnant the night before….

I want to talk to you today about the ‘Morning after pill’ that the devil gives you every Monday morning.

Some of us…most of us Believers attend church on Sunday morning.  We get filled with the Holy Spirit, bask in His glory, bathe in His goodness.  We are fired up to spread the Gospel…pregnant with a word from God that He has spoken through the pastor, or someone else, or perhaps we heard Him directly speak to us;  only to lose it all, miscarry, if you will once Monday morning rolls around and we face the cares of this life.

We forget the goodness of God.  Instead of basking in His glory, we wallow in our problems.  Instead of being fired-up with spreading the Good News, we become depressed, full of anxiety, and stress.  The everyday worries of this life have once again replaced the knowledge of God’s provision for us.   And the devil smiles.  “Ha!”, he chuckles.  “They’ve swallowed my lies once again!”

But, let us remember that taking ‘The morning after pill’ is a choice, both in the physical, and the Spiritual.  I, for one, do not believe in abortion, so I would never dream of taking this pill in the physical; however…we all seem to partake of the ‘pill’ the devil gives us to swallow every time trials come.  We do this by believing the lies the enemy tells us, and forgetting the promises of God in His Word!

The final question is this….  Do we want to stay impregnated with the power of the Holy Spirit, and multiply the Kingdom of God by spreading the Gospel of Salvation?  ….Or do we want to abort all that we KNOW of God and His mercy towards a lost and dying world by swallowing the lies of the enemy?

Would you like to take the Gos’pill” of Jesus to the world around you and cure the weariness  of their souls?  The choice is yours.  Which “pill” will you choose?



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