As many of you already know, movies speak to me.  I can see Biblical applications in almost any movie I watch.  Having said that, I was watching a Star Wars movie the other night…for the umpteenth time, when a phrase I’d never picked up on fell on my ears.

Do you remember in the movie when Palpatine was trying to take over the senate and usher it into the dark side?  Padme stood by with a Jedi at her side and they listened as Palpatine, with words as smooth as silk, convinced the senate to do away with the Jedi Order.  There was thunderous applause as Palpatine finished his speech.

Then, Padme said: “So…this is how liberty dies-with thunderous applause.”

To bring it to a Spiritual meaning….I immediately saw the Cross.  I saw Satan and his angels applauding loudly when they heard Jesus say, “It is finished!”  They thought that the way to Salvation had died with Him.  They believed they now had free reign, regarding the souls of men.  But they were OH SO WRONG!

Jesus’ death, and the Liberty it provides did NOT die that day!  It had just begun!  Hallelujah!  When Jesus said, “It is finished!” ,  He was speaking of His sacrifice for our sins, and the redemption this sacrifice would bring to all mankind if they’d only believe!

LIBERTY grew where the Blood of Jesus fell!