Are Science and Faith Enemies?

Here’s an informative one that I found on a blog site called, “Help Me Believe” written by Haden Clark. If this subject has bothered you in the past…get ready to be enlightened! Good one! Thanks Haden! -anita

Help Me Believe

German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, famously said, “God is dead.” He reached this conclusion because he held to a philosophy that grew out of the Enlightenment known as materialism or naturalism.  Naturalists, or materialists, believe all that exists is the material world. Hence, “God is dead.” Many scientists have adopted this worldview and hold that it is the only appropriate worldview for conducting science.

Over the years it has become common place to believe that science and faith are at odds with one another. Somehow, it is popularly believed that you cannot be a real scientist and a person of religious faith. However, I would argue that historically, faith has driven scientific exploration and that there is no logical reason that science and faith must be at odds. Once we define the terms, it becomes obvious that science and faith are not enemies. In fact, faith becomes necessary for science.

What is…

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