Battle Ready

I saw the following on a blog site called, “Those Who Sin Differently” It is really worth sharing.
If you are a Believer, you ARE in God’s army! On your feet soldier! You ARE at war with the enemy! Take a look…

Those Who Sin Differently

Sometimes, when I’m watching movies, I feel obliged to point out something obvious to the people on the screen.  When a giant, unstoppable force (whether a classic monster like King Kong, a sci-fi alien mothership, or a comic-book force like the Hulk) starts to terrorize a city, the camera invariably shows local military forces shooting at the invading force with small arms, but to no avail.  (I’d like to think that all of the security forces that I know would figure this out after their bullets bounce off the armor / force field / skin of the enemy for 5 minutes, but apparently people in movies aren’t as smart as regular people!)

Depending on where you live, you are likely to find Christianity under attack.  In a few parts of the world, it is thriving and growing, but in others it is not doing as well.  It’s not difficult to…

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