Here’s a good one from Pastor Danny!  If you’re staying home today because of the winter storm, grab a cup of something hot, find a comfortable chair, read this blog post… and then get your Bible, find your favorite account  and imagine yourself walking with our Lord.  Feel the sand between your toes and inside your sandals.  Wipe the sweat from your brow as you experience the heat of the mid-day sun blazing in the desert.  Listen to His words as He has a private conversation with you.  After all…the words in the Bible  WERE written for YOU! -anita


I  love reading the I Bible as a narrative. The Bible is often seen as a religious book about how we should live our lives and how we should be better people. I like to read the Bible as a storybook about events that took place and about things people did–real people, real places and real events.

The book of Acts spends a lot of time reporting on the actions of the people in the early Church. While I am reading about how the church got started and what those people did, I think about what it would have been like to be there, to meet every day with my church family and to share everything with them.

Imagine getting a letter from the Apostle Paul and praying with my church family for his release from prison because he shares the Good News of Jesus everywhere he goes. Imagine being encouraged by his words as he prays for our church and feeling his pride in what we are doing.

I also love to read the letter to the churches and think about those letter as if they are written to me personally. Letters that contain many instructions, praises and also rebukes.

I  feel blessed that I can read God’s Word and know that He wrote it to me. My reading time often comes with great joy at the intensity of the love God has poured out for me and his Church.

When I read the narrative of the early Church, I picture a compassionate group of fishermen and carpenters–men and women who work hard and have been through great distress at seeing Jesus die. For a while, their hopes had been dashed, but then they saw Jesus resurrected. They had been empowered by the Holy Spirit with much joy and some wine.

I am encouraged by the “regularness” of these people. They were just like me; they met every day to celebrate and eat. This is what I want to do. This is what church (a gathering of believers) should look like.

We are not just going to have church, we are going to live it, share it and love it. There will be wine and bread.

Pastor Danny Leavitt

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